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tennis class istanbul,Image: Republic World

The 21-year-old Adnan Manzoor is a boy from Bemina area of Srinagar (J&K), and is an artiste who barefaced to rediscover an ancient musical instrument called 'Rabab'.,teen patti gold online

Rabab is one of the oldest musical instruments in Kashmir, and its believed that it was invented in Afghanistan and later brought to India’s kashmir. It is generally used to produce all types of music in Kashmir.,tennis class istanbul


Adnan Manzoor, a 21-year-old boy from the Bemina area of Srinagar, is one of those artists who decided to revive the valley’s ancient instrument Rabab, by making it more accessible to youth through digital media platforms.,soccer robot instructions

american football questions,While talking to Republic Media Network, Adnan said, "I am an engineering student from the University of Kashmir, I started learning the art of playing the instrument from well-known musician Irfan Bilal at the age of 15."


handball goal post dimensions,With the constant unrest in the valley, Kashmiri music and its artistes have been dwindling for many decades now. Music albums and songs haven't released for years. People who pursued music as a full-time profession were on the verge of giving up, and some even did. Yet, there is a ray of hope now, as a young boy, despite all odds, is taking tiny steps to save and revive what is lost.

He also added that he has participated in several live music concerts and events all over the country. He has also worked with musician Himesh Reshammiya and is currently working on a new project with Zee Music.,soccer boots cape town

volleyball tournament hermosa beach,Adnan says that playing the Rabab brings peace and composure to his soul.

"Rabab is the most pleasant instrument. People cherish it. It is a part of traditional music of the valley," Adnan told to Republic Media Network. ,hc allemann handball uruguay


"I think with time, things are changing, and so is the trend of music in our valley. People are now taking an interest in learning music and instruments. Many young people are already taking it as their profession," he said.,handball goal post dimensions

Sharing his knowledge about Rabab, Adnan said the three main strings of Rabab and the body are made of goat’s intestine and skin.,tennis court queenstown

"This means the instrument bears the soul of someone, therefore it is called Rabab," he said.,vuly basketball system


He further said that Rabab is being utilised in bollywood these days even though it was not the case in the past.,best online casino games real money

"I hope I will be able someday to make Rabab known and famous worldwide. I will continue my work with more dedication and hardwork which will definitely lead me to success," Adnan concluded.,teen patti gold online

Story by: Arawat Mehraj,basketball outfit roblox

Image: Republic World,tennis court queenstown

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